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Flash Medical Records, LLC is the leading medical records provider for Emergency Medical Service professionals who need to access all of your vital medical information fast.

Flash Medical provides vital medical records on a keychain flashdrive or a lanyard flashdrive that is immediately recognizable by emergency healthcare professionals.

Although this product and service is not guaranteed to save your life in the event of an emergency, it gives you a significant advantage over someone without it.

Blood type, allergies, medications, insurance, and all other medical conditions and histories are available to health care providers on a readily identifiable keychain or lanyard carried by our customers.

In addition, a medical ID card carried in the wallet provides instant access to our password-protected online database back-up for each customer.


Baby Boomers and Anyone Else Over 40
Cardiac Patients, Asthmatics and Diabetics
Assisted Living and Nursing Home Residents
All Patients with Any Type of Medical History
Anyone with Numerous Medical Prescriptions
High Risk Occupations and Extreme Sportsmen
Everyone Appreciating Convenience and Safety
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Your medical records are all contained in a waterproof, shockproof and impact resistant flash drive that you keep on your keychain or wear on a lanyard,
and your records are also online in a password protected database which can be easily accessed by EMS with the information on your wallet ID card.
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